Last year we talked about the new Law of Transparency for lobbies to European Union Institutions, which establishes the obligation of offices like Alonso & Asociados not only to register in order to deal with member of the institutions, but, in addition,  it obliges lobbies to declare publicly the meetings and participation in events with […]

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Beyond the territory, community policies of the Union between different countries is what makes the European Union meaningful are its citizens.500 million people share something that directly improves their day-to-day life: a European identity. Four months before the European elections in May, it is good to remember that the basis for the formation of European […]

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Brexit Agreement: the last chance

On 19 December 2017, a petition for judicial review was lodged in a British Court by Members of the United Kingdom’s Parliament, to determine whether the notification referred in Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union (TEU) could be revoked unilaterally before the expiry of the two-year period. This Court referred this question to […]

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Lobbying in the Spanish Constitution

Today, 6 December 2018, it is the 40 anniversary of the approval by referendum of the Spanish Constitution. The founding text of Spanish democracy grants that a public administration which shall serve with objectivity the general interests and shall be governed by the principles of effectiveness and rule of law. Already in its Preamble, the […]

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Comitology and next European elections in 2019: The Commission puts a “partial” hold

Indeed, the Commission will put in hold delegated acts and implementing acts under the regulatory procedure with scrutiny during the European elections period. Delegated acts and draft measures adopted under the regulatory procedure with scrutiny (RPS) are acts of European secondary legislation whose approval by the Commission can be subsequently vetoed by the European Parliament […]

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