These include: the recognition of the principle of carbon leakage applicable to a strategic industry in the EU Emissions Trading Systems Directive (ETS), obtaining a favorable benchmarking facing the free distribution of CO2 emission allowances; achieving an exemption for mineralogical transformation procedures in the Energy Taxation Directive, the relaxation of the conditions of a Directive for handling chemical products; achieving a transitional period of 15 years for the use of a trademark under the Regulation on the use of nutrition and health claims , obtaining favorable conditions for industrial plants –ELVs Emission Limit Values– including production plants and logistics centers in the list of establishments authorized to export to the EU, achieving a grace period of 8 years for certain fibers and securing recognition of social dialogue employers-unions avoiding the enactment of a restrictive Directive for the use of a chemical.


Likewise, Alonso & Asociados has been instrumental in obtaining EU funds for our clients’ projects.


Whether through formal complaints filed on behalf of our clients or working on their defense when they affect them indirectly, we have contributed to the opening and closing of infringement proceedings by the European Commission against Member States for violating EU law. We have also entailed the cancellation of the RASFF alerts (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed) by the European Commission based on the misinterpretation of legislation reported by Alonso & Asociados.


We are experts in crisis management in the wake of outbreaks of animal diseases; we have also obtained the release of meat quotas held at customs in the EU as well as the reduction and subsequent standardization of reinforced controls imposed by the EU after the detection of drug residues in meat. We have also played a key role in obtaining the CE marking of some industrial products that traditionally did not have it. Likewise, our multilateral organisations consulting (European Commission, Inter-American Development Bank, Governments, international sectorial organisations) and our case studies have contributed to the development of the private sector in the interest of our clients.


Our firm has achieved the inclusion of companies represented in our European delegations in official Missions of members of the European Commission to third countries. We have also played an active role in organising events, conferences and missions of all kind with the participation of representatives of the European Institutions (Commissioners, Members of the European Parliament, counselors and officials).