Between 40 and 50% of the legislation adopted in every EU country is related to the European Union and, in a number of sectors, more than the 80% of the legislation affecting companies originates in Brussels (internal market, import-export, environment, health, consumer protection, amongst others).

A large number of meetings of expert committees, working groups and conferences take place in Brussels every week. You could wonder: why going? Which events and conferences are important? Why should I go if I am not registered in any European Association? Why a permanent presence is needed?

Alonso & Asociados is aware of the growing need for stakeholders to hear and to be heard in the course of the negotiations of EU regulations. Thus, we offer our team and office as it were your own delegation. Our facilities, strategically located at the heart of Brussels and a few meters away from the main institutional buildings of the EU, are at your disposal to hold private meetings.

We also look after our clients’ interest before the European Federations and Associations based in Brussels, complementing and boosting their effectiveness and making their presence felt.

In short, we act as your permanent representation in Brussels, performing continuous monitoring of policies and projects of your interest. You should harness the potential of being present in Brussels as a way of influencing in the EU decision-making process. Furthermore, the service we provide meets all expectations and needs conducted by a permanent delegation but avoiding the high cost of opening an office in Brussels.

In providing advice, representing and protecting our clients’ interests to the EU in the transport, construction, energy and food sector. Having in-depth knowledge of the EU decision-making process, we know what is decided in Brussels, who decides, how it affects our customers and when, how and why decisions are made.


Over the years, we have built up an extensive network of contacts in the EU: European Commission, Council of the European Union, European Parliament, Member States Permanent Representations to the EU and Third countries’ Missions to the EU, European Federations, enterprises, etc. Bringing the reality of the European Union closer to you, we work tenaciously to solve problems and help our customers maximize the potential of taking part in the European context, addressing threats and seizing opportunities.