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EUROPA COMO OPORTUNIDAD: INFLUIR ANTES PARA BENEFICIARSE DESPUÉS La recuperación económica presenta grandes oportunidades tanto por la llegada de fondos de una cuantía sin precedentes como por los cambios políticos y regulatorios que impactarán en los sectores económicos. Con 35 años de experiencia en el corazón del poder europeo, con los contactos y la confianza […]

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EUROPE AS AN OPPORTUNITY: INFLUENCING IN ADVANCE TO BECOME A BENEFICIARY LATER Economic recovery presents major opportunities. The following years, we will attend unprecedented changes both with the arrival of funds and with new policies and regulations which will transform all economic sectors. This is the current challenge. At Alonso & Asociados, with 35 years […]

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Last year we talked about the new Law of Transparency for lobbies to European Union Institutions, which establishes the obligation of offices like Alonso & Asociados not only to register in order to deal with member of the institutions, but, in addition,  it obliges lobbies to declare publicly the meetings and participation in events with […]

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  • 9/2021 : 26 January 2021 - Judgment of the Court of Justice in Case C-16/19 26 January, 2021
    Szpital Kliniczny im. dra J. Babińskiego Samodzielny Publiczny Zakład Opieki Zdrowotnej w Krakowie SOPO The practice adopted by an employer and consisting in the payment of an allowance only to workers with disabilities who have submitted disability certificates after a date chosen by that employer may constitute direct or indirect discrimination on the grounds of […]

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  • Services trade recovery not yet in sight 26 January, 2021
    Global services trade in the third quarter of 2020 fell 24% compared to the same period in 2019, according to statistics released by the WTO on 26 January. This represents only a small uptick from the 30% year-on-year decline registered in the second quarter, in marked contrast to the much stronger rebound in goods trade.