A&A organized a debate about transport’s decarbonisation

Alonso & Asociados and EUPAVE/European Concrete Paving Association organized a debate about road transport’s decarbonisation thanks to a wider use of concrete pavements.

MEP Philippe de Backer did the welcome speech.

Researcher Charlotte Milachowski, from the Centre for Building Materials, Technische Universität München- Germany, delivered a presentation on the life cycle assessment for road construction and use.

EUPAVE’s Managing Director Luc Rens explained how concrete pavements contribute to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions from heavy vehicles.

Finally, Jan Szulczyk, from the European Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility & Transport, outlined the main objectives of the EU transport policy.

EUPAVE’s Vice-President David Jones delivered the conclusions of the event.

A full summary of the event can be read in EUPAVE’s website.

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